STEM CLUB in October/November 2021 is a lunchtime club every Wednesday from 1145-1220 where we will be doing mini STEM activities bassed on Engineering in the Entertainment Industry

Week 1: Sound processing and electronics

Week 2: Light processing and RGB Coding

Week 3: Light Painting and long exposure photography

Micro:bit buggies on a roll

Year 8 micro:bit club gets exiting as coding on screen, makes way for coding (and zooming!) buggies!

Year 8 students have been having a fantastic time getting to grips with their micro:bit mini computers in the after school STEM club every Wednesday. Some have gone from no previous programming experience to coding their micro:bits to control motors, buzzers, and LED as well as responding automatically to external switches and light levels.

We have now made our own robotic buggies and the students have grand plans as to what they will program them to do. Maze solving, obstacle avoidance, Bluetooth control and even robot laser battles are all in the pipelines!

Congratulations to the group on their positive start and look out for future updates to see pictures and video of the buggie in action!

Any students wishing to join the group may still do so and should contact Mr Walters.

06/10/2016: Year 8 STEM micro:bit after school club

Registration is open for places on the year 8 after school micro:bit club.

Whether you’re a coding god or you’ve never even tried, YOU could have fun and create amazing code to control MOTORS, BUZZERS, LIGHTS, BUGGIES, ROBOTICS and other components using the connections on your micro:bit.

There are 16 places for year 8 on this after school club every Wednesday 15:30-16:30 until Christmas in DT5. If you are interested put your name down on the SIGN-UP sheet on the DT5 Door. (first come first served)

2015-2016 Archive:

10/12/2015: Toot Hill Engineers – Year 8 After school club: Final Week

This half term’s Engineer’s club came to a close on the final Wednesday with the completion of the last 2 projects. Over the course of the half term student have done mini projects related to a number of engineering sectors:

  • Civil Engineering - We made a suspension bridge as a team
  • Aeronautical Engineering – Students made (and flew!) individual mini gliders
  • Automotive & Electrical Engineering – Students made electrical buggies for racing
  • Mechanical Engineering – The students worked in pairs to make working gearboxes

The club was a lot of fun and students learned a lot through the process. Final tweaks to the buggies will take place on the first week of the new term and further engineering opportunities will follow later in the year.

02/12/2015: Glider complete and 2 projects on the go ready for the final session before Christmas. Automotive Engineering: Buggies and Mechanical Engineering: Gearboxes are both underway and we are looking forward to getting everything finished and working before Christmas to round of a successful experience for all.

04/11/2015: Our 2 week focus on Aerospace Engineering started this week with the manufcature of aerofoils for the gliders that we will be making and testing next week.

04/11/2015: The year 8 after school club "Toot Hill Engineers" has started and was a real success.

This week's theme was Civil Engineering where the students worked together to build a suspension bridge between two towers using only household string and a few flimsy pieces of plywood. The students worked well together to drill, assemble, suspend and adjust the tension on the bridge to successfully complete their first challenge.

Future challenges will be based around Automotive, Electrical and Aerospace engineering and spirits are high ahead of next week

There now only 4 places left before we reach maximum capacity so if you're in year 8 and you'd like to join us, come up to DT5 to sign up.

Check back again soon for updates on the future challenges and projects.

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