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Toot Hill School and College are currently developing an Alumni for former students of Toot Hill School.

The Alumni is being developed to keep in touch with our former students and to continue to celebrate their success. We are also keen for our former students to continue their work with the school and to inspire the next generation. It is up to the individual on how they would like to be involved.

Alumni Testimonials

Amy Lukomiak

Studying electronic & electrical engineering

Class of 2017

"During my time at Toot Hill, I learned many different skills that are now allowing me to study my chosen field. As I completed my BTEC I learned how to reference as well as how to find correct information on individual projects which allowed me to complete the work ahead of time. During my time at Toot Hill, I also honed my skills in helping other students, which has allowed me to setup a group to do the same within my new course. "

Faby Creed

Working as a research associate

Class of 2011

"I still vividly recall my tutor at the time, Mr (David) Burrows explaining what university was (on a school Paris trip in yr8!) as I was the first generation in my family to go. Funnily enough, I was certain that I wasn't 'academic' enough and he asserted otherwise, building a positive mentality towards inconceivable goals! Both Karen Need and Mr Edwards may also be in my thesis acknowledgments as they were just incredible teachers ..."

Martin Fletcher

Working as a corporate tax manager

Class of 1991

" I guess myself and the journalist Danny Taylor, with who I was friends through our 7 years at Toot Hill, and remain so to this day, are great examples that it’s often the transferable skills you pick up during your school days at Toot Hill that can be as, if not more important, than perhaps the academic qualifications you may or may not get."

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If you have any further queries, please contact our team ffarmer@toothillschool.co.uk

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