Duke of Edinburgh Award

DofE is an invaluable, internationally recognized, personal development program, which is a great addition to any young person’s C.V. The experiences pupils gain and the skills they learn can help them stand out from the crowd and be successful in university, college, apprenticeship and employment applications.

Toot Hill School has a large and thriving DofE programme which offers pupils the opportunity to complete the complete DofE pathway – from Bronze in Year 9, through Silver in Year 10 and onto Gold in Year 12. This means It is possible for pupils to complete the full DofE pathway during their time at Toot Hill School and Toot Hill College.

Through completing volunteering, skill, physical and expedition activities, DofE stretches pupils, taking them outside of their comfort zone whilst providing a diverse range of opportunities for character development. Through these activities, pupils develop many admirable qualities - leadership, teamwork, communication and self-organisation to name but a few. They also learn self-discipline and resilience whilst developing self-confidence and compassion towards others.

DofE is a fun and much sought-after enrichment opportunity that complements a strong academic profile. Universities, employers and apprenticeship providers strongly value the programme and it is for this reason, alongside the personal development and well-being benefits on offer, that we very much hope pupils choose to get involved.

DofE Strategy and Pathway at Toot Hill School

Year 9: Bronze DofE Award
(Bronze DofE launched in September of Year 9 and expeditions can be completed during the summer months of Year 9)

Year 10: Silver DofE Award
(Silver DofE is launched in September of Year 10 and expeditions can be completed during the summer months of Year 10)

Year 11: GCSE Examinations

Year 12: Gold DofE
(Gold DofE launched in September of Year 12 and expeditions / residential trips can be completed during the summer months of Year 12)

Year 13: A-Level Examinations
(Gold DofE expeditions / residential trips can be completed after examinations during the summer months of Year 13)

And beyond! A young person can complete their DofE award at any point up until their 25th birthday so opportunities may exist in the future for pupils to complete their award at University or within a community organization.

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  • Year 9 Bronze DofE Application Letter 2021-22
  • Year 10 Silver DofE Application Letter 2021-22


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