Toot Hill Diversity Group

Toot Hill Diversity Group

Toot Hill Diversity group is open to all students who are LGBTQ+ or want to know more. The group meets to discuss LGBTQ+ topics, offer advice, and support students who may be struggling with or questioning their identity.

Toot Hill's Diversity group is a safe space where students can share their stories and offer support to one another. It is also a group that promotes change and plans LGBTQ+ events throughout the school year.

Useful links to LGBTQ+ support lines/groups can be found in the sidebar on this page.


  • LGBTQ+ History Month 1st of February to the 28th of February - If you want to know more about LGBTQ+ History month visit our Wakelet for fun and informative resources.


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If you would like to ask Mrs Gray further questions about Diversity Group or ask to join the group, you may use the form below to contact her. You can also use this form if you would like to send an anonymous message.

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