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The English Department encompasses three main areas of study: English Language, English Literature and Media Studies. At Key Stage 3, all three areas of study are integrated so that they are addressed each year.

The three assessment components in English are:

  • Speaking & Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

Our schemes of work are designed to give pupils the opportunity to develop vital skills needed to succeed in these three assessment areas, and the wider world outside of the classroom. Our assessments and schemes of work are informed by National Curriculum guidelines and include implementation of the National Literacy Strategy.

English, as a core subject, is recognised as a fundamentally important area of study. We in the department encourage our students to recognise the crucial impact of communication, written or spoken, for themselves and their future, through focused, creative and inspiring teaching and learning.

Pupils are encouraged to consider the effects of language and an appreciation of alternative perspectives through a vast range of texts. Most crucially, we aim to inspire pupils to express themselves creatively, appropriately and effectively by using the rich and diverse English language.

Key Stage 4 / GCSE

At KS4, the department follows AQA exam board specifications.

KS4 English starts in year 9 and continues through to year 11 and the final GCSE exams.

Our KS4 curriculum covers a range of texts from web pages and magazines to poetry and of course, whole novels. The course will introduce pupils to works of literature from different periods. Through the study of these texts, pupils will develop their analytical skills and understanding of communication, context and creativity.

The English department has secured excellent results year on year, while giving pupils the skills and experiences needed to thrive in the wider world of education and work.

Media Studies

Media Studies is offered as an optional GCSE and is one of the most successful departments in the school, consistently achieving fantastic results.

More and more, the media act as an influencing force, exerting control and power over our daily lives. By studying how and why the various multi-mediums do this, pupils gain a critical awareness of the factors determining modern social behaviours.

The Media is ever changing and growing, so it makes sense to understand the possibilities it creates for our future. Media students enjoy the practical opportunities we offer, to create their own texts alongside the development of theoretical and analytical understanding that links well with other Arts subjects at a higher level.

AS/A Level

At Advanced Level, we offer AS and A2 courses in English Language / Literature combined and pure English Literature, as well as Media Studies. Our results have been consistently excellent, with students finding all subjects highly stimulating and useful as entry to a wide range of University courses as well as being valued by employers.

All the members of staff in the English department are dedicated to encouraging each pupil to enjoy the subject that we value so highly and to achieve their full potential.

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