Knowledge Organisers

The Knowledge Organisers lay out the Core Knowledge in each topic that, if committed to memory, will help pupils to solve problems and think critically during that topic. It is the 'fingertip knowledge' that frees up a pupil's working memory if learned off by heart.

Knowledge Organisers are provided for each topic a student learns at Toot Hill School, and will be placed in students' exercise books at the start of each new topic.

How to use your Knowledge organiser

To get the most out of the Knowledge Organisers, pupils should be learning sections and then testing themselves.

The videos at the links below give a good introduction as to how the Knowledge Organiser can be used to help students know more and remember more.

  1. Look Cover Write Check
  2. Word Up!
  3. Map Your Mind
  4. Test Your Mind
  5. Flash Cards

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