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What is progress plus+?

Progress Plus + is Toot Hill's support package for government Pupil Premium funded children. The Pupil Premium funding grant received is used by the school to support students in raising their academic progress. The funding is allocated to schools for children up to Year 11, who have registered for Free School Meals in the last six years, are in care or have parents in the Armed Forces. Students who are classed as 'Ever 6', having claimed free school meals previously (within 6 years) are also eligible for Progress Plus+.

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Information on Progress Plus +

How much Pupil Premium funding does Toot Hill School get?

For 2017-2018 Toot Hill School was allocated £196,350 based on 13.6% registered for Ever 6, Free school meals, Looked after Children and Service Children. Toot Hill School falls on the border of the lowest and 4th quintile for receipt of Pupil Premium funding.

Please contact the college team for more information on bursary support that can be offered to college students.

How we spent our pp funding 2017-2018 and planned expenditure 2018-2019

Our school has the freedom to spend the Premium in a way we think will best support the raising of attainment for our most vulnerable pupils. All our interventions are based on educational research taken from the Education Endowment Foundation.

We make sure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all of our students, regardless of social background of specific educational need. We recognise that many of our students do not require any special intervention, but may also benefit from extra support at specific times during their education.

At the moment some of the interventions throughout key stages 3 and 4 that are supported by Pupil Premium funding are:

  • Free revision resources
  • Transport support to attend enrichment
  • Academic in school support for Maths and English
  • Mentoring support
  • Personalised timetables
  • Reduced class sizes
  • Holiday school support
  • Study support
  • In class learning mentors

For full details of our funded interventions, please download the documents below:

How we spent our PP funding in 2017/18 and planned expenditure in 2018/19

How will parents know it is working?

In the academic year 2017-18, 268 students were eligible for Pupil Premium funding including 45 year 11 students. For the Year 11 students the Premium funding was spent predominantly on extra English, Maths and Science support, alongside additional afterschool interventions throughout the year. This resulted in 68.9% of our students achieving grade 4 in English and grade 4 in Maths. Both of these figures are significantly above national averages.

Students who enter Toot Hill with a below average reading score are given intense tailored literacy intervention. In 2017-18, 13 Pupil Premium students received this intervention including 5 year 11 students. The average gain for the year 11 students was +7.5 in their standardised score.

The ‘Value Added’ to the achievement of Pupil Premium students at Toot Hill School, from Key Stage 2 – 4, is in line with the national average.

We track pupil progress every term and so we can quickly see if plans are working. Parents Evenings and Tutor Review Days are also opportunities to discuss your child’s progress but if you would like further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s tutor, Head of Year or Mrs S Gray our Progress Plus+ Co-ordinator

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