Mathematics Curriculum Intent

"Mathematics is not just another language, it is a language plus logic. Mathematics is a tool for reasoning."

Richard Feynman

The study of mathematics has been developed over centuries and has challenged the minds of some of history’s greatest thinkers. It is a highly inter-connected subject that empowers us to shape the future developments in Science, Technology, Engineering and Business.

We are determined that our students enjoy the study of maths and gain a sense of excitement, as their confidence grows through the acquisition of more knowledge, understanding of number patterns, practising new skills and successfully solving problems. We deliberately provide opportunities within lessons and beyond for students to:

  • Think like a mathematician,
  • Talk like a mathematician,
  • Behave like a mathematician.

We purposely plan a coherent and sequenced curriculum to enable our students to grasp and link progressively more complex mathematical concepts. Careful consideration is given to the learning journey of our students from KS2 through to KS5 and beyond. Our curriculum exceeds national curriculum expectations and exam board specifications because we choose to teach more challenging aspects of mathematics, whilst providing ambitious historical, cultural and current contexts to foster a deep interest and widely connected understanding.

Our passionate subject experts deliberately sequence learning, starting with skillful instruction, guidance through new concepts, modelling reasoning, logical thinking and promoting high levels of literacy and oracy to deliberately practice using mathematical language to explain their reasoning. Through carefully planned questioning and feedback teachers pitch lessons to the needs of their students so they are simultaneously challenged and supported within a learning culture built on trust that encourages students to push themselves out of their thinking comfort zones every lesson.

We provide a stimulating learning environment where every child will experience teaching that will support them to grow into confident mathematicians who can:

  • reason deductively,
  • analyse and interpret problems,
  • move fluently between numerical, algebraic, graphical and diagrammatic representations,
  • gain a depth of understanding, which allows them to unlock unseen and unpractised problems with resilience.
  • Reflect on their own and work of others

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