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BTEC technical award level 1/2 in performing arts (acting)

The BTEC Tech Award is a level 2 qualification (the equivalent of a GCSE) which enables students to be assessed on their practical exploration in class, rehearsal and performance work and on their written coursework. Students do not sit a formal written exam. The BTEC offers students a great variety of theatre styles and practitioners to explore as well as helping them hone their perofrmance skills, creativity and analysis of theatre.

The course is made up of 3 components:

Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts (36 GLH)

Students get the chance to explore three different styles of theatre; Stanislavski's naturalism, Frantic Assembly's physical theatre and Trestle Theatre Company's mime and mask. They will research the styles, explore them in class, try out different rehearsal techniques and create short performances of each style. They will document this process in their coursework folders. The practical and written work is marked by the teacher and moderated by the exam board.

Component 2: Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts (36 GLH)

Students work on developing their performance skills with workshops on voice, movements, characterisation and interaction. They rehearse a monologue and group performance piece and perform theses. The practical and written work is marked by the teacher and moderated by the exam board.

Component 3; Performing to a Brief (48 GLH)

In year 11, students are given a brief by the exam board and asked to devise their own performance based on this. Students can choose an appropriate style, storyline and characters and work in small groups to prepare their performance. Students are marked on their performance and to accompany this, they write 3 short essays on the ideas they came up with, the rehearsal process and evaluating their performance and development of skills. All of this unit is sent to the examiner to mark.

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BTEC Grades GCSE Grades
Level 2 Distiction * (L2D*) 8/9
Level 2 Distinction (L2D) 7
Level 2 Merit (L2M) 6
Level 2 Pass (L2P) 4/5
Level 1 Merit (L1M) 3
Level 1 Pass (L1P) 1/2

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