A Level Course Art & Design

Students will be encouraged to pursue their own lines of enquiry informed by guided cultural, contemporary and historical references through the 2 years on this linear course. They will explore different types of art in a range of specialisms such as Fine Art, Textiles, Graphics, Photography and Sculpture. This style of work will enable students to produce exciting, creative and innovative pieces. Students will show evidence of trying to extend their own work and others by seeing examples from different cultures and time periods.

Year 12:

Students will select a theme to work from and create a body of work that takes them on their own independent and artistic journey.
  • Aging & Growth
  • Surfaces of Nature
  • Memories & Mementos
  • Urban Life & Architecture
  • Decorative Design

Year 13:

Students complete 2 Components of work (project based) within the year.

Component 1: Personal Investigation

Includes practical work in sketchbooks, final outcomes and a continuous written piece which are assessed as an integrated whole. The student dictates the focus of their area of study.

Component 2: Externally Set Assignment (ESA)

Starting point provided by the Exam Board. Preparatory work completed ahead of final outcomes, which are completed within 15 hours of supervised time.

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