AS/A Level Course Content


Component 3: Historical Investigation

A personal study, which should take the form of a question in the context of approximately 100 years.

  • 3,000-3,500 words.
  • 40 marks
  • 20% of A-level.
  • Marked by teachers and moderated by AQA.

Components 1-2 Exams

Course Title: Types of Q on Exam Duration of Exam: % of As: Total marks:
The Tudors: England, 1485-1547
Two Questions:
•Compulsory Interpretations analysis question. (30 marks)
•3 choices of which you have to do 2 choices for a knowledge essay (2 x 25 marks)
2 hours and 30 minutes 40% 80
The cold war, C,1945-1963
Two Questions:
•Compulsory Source analysis question (30 marks)
•3 choices of which you have to do 2 choices for a knowledge essay (2 x 25 marks)
2 hours and 30 minutes. 40% 80

The A-LEVEL Course

We follow the AQA New Linear History 7040-7041. This offers a Linear A2 qualification where pupils are assessed on their learning of a topic over 2 years. Resources, past papers and the specification can be found with this link:

Course Contents

The Tudors: England, 1485-1547

The aim of the Breadth study is to develop your understanding of:

  • The Nature of causes and consequences, of change and continuity and of similarity and differences over a long period of time.
  • The links between perspectives, such as political, economic, social and religious as well as appreciating developments relating to the perspectives separately over time.
  • The role played by individuals, groups, ideas and ideology.

The Cold War, C,1945-1963

The aim of the Depth study is to focus on a significant period of historical change.

  • You will gain a deep understanding of change and continuity through the study of the interrelationships of a variety of perspective as indicated in the context.
  • The Cold War offers the opportunity to study in depth the evolving course of international relations during an era of tension between communist and capitalist powers which threatened nuclear Armageddon. It explores the concepts such as communism and anti-communism, aggression and détente.
  • You will be able to reflect on the power of modern military technology, what hastens confrontations and what forces promote peace in the modern world.

Useful websites

Links for Year 12/13 Tudor History

This website will give students an excellent overview of the key debates and interpretations of the Tudors.

This website covers all the key themes, from religion and government to foreign policy. It will give a useful overview.

This website is a great starting point on any topic for the Tudors and will also give students the opportunity to engage with the historical debate and practice source skills.

For year 13 students this will give them a clear and concise summary of all key points and enable them to familiarise themselves with key words.

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