A Level Course Content

A level Drama and Theatre - Edexcel

A level Drama and Theatre is all about expanding students' knowledge, influences and horizons within theatre. Our students study a range of theatre practitioners which include the foundational work of Stanisalvski and Brecht, but also that of 21st century theatre companies who are pushing theatre to new heights, such as Frantic Assembly and Punchdrunk. Watching and performing in live theatre is crucial to developing students creativity and skills. We organise theatre trips, workshops with theatre companies and performance opportunities throughout the course which can see students performing in class pieces, exam work, school shows and leading younger students as a designer, director, choreographer or group leader.

The A level is split into 3 components and offers students the chance to experiment, create, perform, analyse, evaluate and experience live theatre.

Component 1: Devising (40%)

Students prepare a devised performance in response to a stimulus and in the style of a theatre practitioner of their choice. Students can work as either a performer or as a designer (either in lighting, sound, set or costume).

Component 2: Text in Performance (20%)

Students perform or design for two scripted pieces which is shared with a visiting examiner. One piece will be a monologue or duologue, the other a group play directed by the teacher.

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice

Students answer four essay questions in a written exam. Section A is a response to a statement using a show they have been to see as evidence. Section B requires them to respond as an actor then designer to their first set text (That Face, by Polly Stenham) and Section C is written with the student in the role of director, re-imagining Georg Buchner's play Woyzeck, using the work of a selected practitioner.

Further information: A level Specification