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A huge congratulations to the Toot Hill DofE team. We have seen an incredible growth in the DofE programme at Toot Hill this year. Our students will be actively engaged with physical, volunteering and skill activities across the programme. This will be a great addition to students CV and UCAS applications. The DofE programme has changed this year with new pathways for students to follow, Bronze - Year 9, Silver - Year 10 and Gold for Year 12.We currently have 121 year 9 students registered on the Bronze Pathway and 126 year 10 (a few year 11 and college students muddled in too)

Mr Tinsley added, "We are delighted that despite the impacts of the pandemic, over 250 pupils from years 9,10,11 and 12 have signed up to complete their DofE Certificate of Achievement. We are impressed to see the skill, physical and volunteering activities they are engaging with, and are proud of the progress they are making. DofE is an exceptional personal development program which provides pupils with many opportunities to develop their skills and character. Much valued by universities, colleges, apprenticeship providers and employers, successful completion of a DofE programme sits perfectly alongside a pupils' academic profile, potentially improving their chances of success in college, UCAS and employment applications."

May 2022


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