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Helping our local NHS

Toot Hill's motto of ‘Work Hard, Be Kind’ couldn’t have been better demonstrated today by the DT department's Mr Walters and Mr Burdett.

The teachers took the school motto to heart when they decided to support our NHS frontline staff and make Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in the form of visors.

Mr Walters and Mr Burdett requested to use the school facilities to make the visors. At the same time, Mrs Paley was contacted by the GP Federation for Rushcliffe, asking if Toot Hill could help with a donation of any PPE as the area was struggling to obtain visors and gloves.

The school has donated over 300 pairs of protective gloves and also been able to manufacture 100 visors today, with another 100 planned for later this week for GP surgeries in the areas where our students live.

Mr Walters said:

“Having heard of the national PPE shortages and then seeing the fantastic work that Nottingham companies Kitronik and Smoke & Mirrors had done to pioneer laser cut face shields, we knew that Toot Hill had to play our part and make as many as we could. The face shield designs have been shared for free online and we were able to source the materials and laser cut the masks on the Toot Hill School laser cutter. We are delighted to be able to supply such vital PPE to our local community and hope that in some small way we can help to ensure the safety of the magnificent health care workers, who are doing such crucial work on the frontline during this most challenging time.”

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