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The Reading Relay is BACK!

The Reading Relay Challenge is back! The rules are simple, be one of the first 14 students to finish the challenges and you will earn yourself 30 credit points and a place on our Waterstones Trip. During the Waterstones Trip you will be gifted a book and a drink from Costa Coffee!

So what do you need to do?

Here is the challenge:

  • Complete a Book Trust Challenge
  • Read a book from the A-Z fiction
  • Read a FQR (Fiction Quick Read)
  • Reserve a book off the new display, collect it and then read it
  • Read a non-fiction book and complete the bookmark with 10 facts and page numbers.
  • Read a Graphic Novel/ Manga
  • Read a book from '50 Fab Fiction'
  • Complete the 'Issues' quiz
  • Complete a First News quiz
  • Complete the Career Focus quiz
  • Complete a Carel Press Monthly quiz

If you want to compete, sign up with either Ms Marris or Miss Jones at the Learning Lounge desk.

Let the race commence!

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