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Quizzes Galore - January 2018

The Learning Lounge is bursting with brand new quizzes for you to take part in this month.

Dive into our weekly edition of First News and take part in 2 quizzes which are on offer. Read through the paper and then answer the news and picture quiz. If you do this you can earn yourself 20 credits. Alternatively, you can opt for a quiz on Mars and earn yourself 10 credits.

To celebrate World Religion Day and Martin Luther King Day the Learning Lounge has 2 more quizzes up for grabs. Can you answer the 10 questions? All the answers can be found in the display books. For each correct answer you will earn 1 credit point. What a great way to find out more about these fantastic celebrations!

Finally, you can pick up a Zoe Sugg text quiz which can be found on our author of the month display. Read through a section of Girl Online and answer the 10 corresponding questions. 10 credit points says you can't.

Remember, if you want to earn the jackpot our 'issues' quiz is still available. Answer 6 questions for a whopping 25 credit points and a sweet. Caution: its not for the faint hearted!

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