Army Cadet Detachment

The ACF Detachment was launched in early 2014 and quickly became fully operational under the leadership of Staff Sergeant Middlebrook. Now under Detachment Commander Staff Sergeant James Gillman the group belong to D Squadron Notts ACF and parade in Little School on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 18.30 until 20:30... whatever the weather!

The Cadets follow a syllabus which offers a diverse range of character-building experiences for pupils to develop a wide range of knowledge and skills. Here is a brief list of some of the activities you will get to do:

  • Adventurous training including. canoeing, climbing and expeditions
  • Weekend Camp – overnight training exercises, camouflage & concealment training, survival skills, patrolling skills.
  • Annual Camp – an amazing week away with your detachment
  • Shooting – various weapon and competitions
  • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Field craft – the fun part where you get dirty and wet
  • First aid including casualty simulations and exercises
  • Navigation Training
  • Drill and Turnout
  • A wide variety of different sports and competitions to national level


Who is the cadet group available to?
Pupils aged 12 and above.
When and where is it held?
Drama Studio on Tuesdays from 6.30-8.30pm.
How much does it cost?
Parade night subs are 50p per cadet. You are allowed to attend for the first few weeks without paying the enrolment fee to see if you like it. If you decide it is for you then a £20 enrolment fee applies. All kit is provided FOC although you will need to buy (and polish) your own boots. Weekend Camps and Annual Camp cost approximately £15 and £55 per cadet which includes all food, accommodation and tuition.
How do I get started?
Go along and see what you think! If you like it you will be given an enrolment forms for your parents to complete.

For further information please contact Mr Tinsley.

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