Year 8

Head of Year
Miss I Sheldon
Assistant Head of Year

Tutor Sets and Tutors 2021/2022

  • 8.1: Ms A Thomas
  • 8.2: Ms J Smith
  • 8.3: Mr L Murphy
  • 8.4: Mr E Hammond
  • 8.5: Miss A Burman
  • 8.6: Ms H Gillespie
  • 8.7: Ms J Matheson
  • 8.8: Mr C Hallsworth
  • 8.9: Mrs S Lynas / Ms A Cooke
  • 8.10: Mr J Sheehan
  • 8.11: Ms M Kraim

Home learning

It is expected that students in Year 8 do about 30-40 minutes of home learning per subject per week and record the subject and due date for each assignment given in their own planner. Pupils should access Microsoft Teams for instructions on home learning assignments. It would be helpful if parents regularly checked pupils' planners and pass on any concerns to the Head of Year or relevant Head of Department.