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Extended Project Qualification

The Extended project (EPQ) is a project that can be completed alongside A levels. It is an independent but supported project that the individual student chooses themselves. They will have a supervisor that will support and advise the student throughout. The aim is to produce a 5000 word essay or artefact on a particular area.

The project enables the student to demonstrate their independent skills and academic or creative abilities in detail. As such it is a very popular and sought-after qualification with Universities. It is a free standing qualification that provides the student with valuable UCAS points but also enables them to develop research skills that are highly regarded within the workforce. 

Each student is given two periods a week on their timetable to ensure that they are meeting and receiving the support that they require. However, in addition to this, the student will have to be completing the work outside of these times. 

At the end of the process the student will make a short presentation of their findings and conclusion before submitting their work to AQA.

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