Staff List

  • Mrs R Brentley: SENDCo; Teacher of Geography
  • Mr L Collen (LCO): Biology; Assistant SENDCo (Teaching)
  • Miss R Warren: Assistant SENDCo (Non-teaching)
  • Mrs A Appleby: Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs J Baker (BA): Learning Support Assistant; ELSA
  • Mrs M Cleland (MC): Learning Support Assistant and AIM teacher
  • Miss A Coupe: Higher Level Teaching Assistant; Autism Lead; ELSA
  • Mr H Cox: Behaviour Learning Support Assistant
  • Ms S Edmond (SE): Classroom Learning Assistant
  • Miss C Gregory (CG): Behaviour Support Coordinator
  • Mrs G Hall (GH): Student Mentor
  • Mrs A Harrison (AH): Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs K Hasekili: Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs H Lang (HJ): Transition and Intervention Coordinator; Teaching Assistant
  • Miss H Meek: Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs S Millar (SM2): Personal Development & Behaviour Lead
  • Mr T Petchell: Classroom Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs H Timmins: Classroom Learning Assistant
  • Mrs N Wood: Mental Health & Wellbeing Coordinator

June 2022


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