Scheme of Learning

Pupils work in groups set on ability in KS3 PE. The groups work on similar activities with objectives tailored to the needs of different groups. The groups are labelled as follows:

  • Performance
  • Participation

Parents can support pupils learning in PE by:

  • Encouraging pupils to fully participate in all lessons.
  • Ensuring pupils are in the correct kit for all PE lessons for health and safety reasons.
  • Writing letters in planners, asking for pupils to be excused if they are ill, (excused pupils are still required to bring kit for the lesson - extra layers are advised if a pupil is excused from outdoor lessons).
  • Providing a doctor’s note in the case of long-term illness or injury.
  • Encouraging pupils to take part in school sports clubs and inter-form sport.
  • Participating in physical activity with their children or supporting their participation in sport outside school.
  • Encouraging pupils to let staff know about their participation in sport away from school.
  • Ensuring that medical information regarding their children is kept up to date with the school office.
  • In Year 8, discussing the options that pupils will have to choose within PE in Yr 9 – Core PE, SLA , BTEC or GCSE PE. Please see Yr8 Option Handbook or a member of the PE Department.

Other information:

  • Extracurricular sport: A wide range of sporting activities is provided for pupils to take part in at lunch – times and after school.
  • The school runs teams in Rugby (boys), Hockey (boys and girls), Netball (girls), Football (boys and girls), Badminton (boys and girls), Basketball, (boys), Rounders (girls), Cricket (boys and girls) and Athletics (boys and girls).
  • All pupils are encouraged to take part in inter–form sporting activities which include the major games, swimming, cross country and athletics.
  • Information on local clubs is advertised in the PE Department on the notice boards.

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