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Ambassadors help shape the PE department

Pupils across KS3 & KS4 applied to be apart of an inspirational department earlier this term. The ambassadors were select based upon their personal skills and competencies to inspire and engage others in physical and sporting activities.

These exceptional ambassadors are wanting to develop their positive personal values and their leadership skills with a strong desire to drive opportunities for the PE department through the involvement in sport.

PE ambassadors will play a major part in;

  • Regularly assisting/attending extra curricular sports
  • Organise & lead events e.g. primary sports day/school sports day
  • Referee/umpire school fixtures
  • Maintain the standard in the department e.g. checking equipment
  • Helping out at open evenings
  • Working with both students and teachers within the department
  • Develop projects to increase participation in PE, and promote healthy lifestyles
  • Train other Young Ambassadors
  • Promote PE and school sport and the positive values it can bring
  • Be the young peoples voice on PE and Sport in their school

‚ÄčWell done to our successful applicants; Hugh Paine 7.1, Scarlett Owen-Jones 7.3, Emily Ellis 7.9, Ruby Freer 7.9, Sam Plews 7.11, Hayden Lewell 7.11, Isabel Wynne 7.11, Ruby Randall 8.9, Lauren Booth 8.9, Aaron Walker 8.13, John Lewell 8.3, Mia Cameron 9.2, Charlie Henry 9.2, Dan Warren 9.2, Layla Murphy-Paszkowski 9.6, Abbie Rimmington 9.7, Anna Gough 10.4, Will Swann 10.4, Thomas Middleton 10.10, Frankie Berry 10.12 and Ellie Thompson 10.14

The PE department looks forward to your assistance over the course of the year!

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