GCSE Economics Course Content

OCR GCSE Economics

  • Course code: J320
  • Unit 1: How the market works (25% of GCSE) 1hr exam
  • Unit 2: How the economy works (25% of GCSE) 1hr exam
  • Unit 3: The UK economy and globalisation (50% of GCSE) 1hr 30mins exam

OCR has provided specimen and past exam papers (www.ocr.org.uk)

Who is GCSE Economics suitable for?

If you think the news is boring this course is NOT for you. This course will appeal to students who have an interest in current affairs, have an enquiring mind and are capable of questioning decisions made by the Government.

What will I study?

National and Global Economy – Gives an overview of international trade and the use of exchange rates. Studies the power of the consumer and the national and global economy.

Managing the Economy – Sets down the economic objectives of the Government and how it uses different policies to deal with the economy.

Current Economic Issues – a chance to learn about foreign economies, environmental concepts


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