Business AS/A Level Course Content

Introduction to the course

The A Level in Applied Business is taught in three units within both Year 12 and Year 13.

The AS and Advanced GCE in Applied Business have been designed to form qualifications which provide knowledge and understanding of this vocational area. They are ideal qualifications for those candidates who want a broad background in Applied Business which will allow them to progress to further or higher education, training or employment. They are designed to be delivered through full-time or part-time education courses.

The course of study prescribed by this specification can reasonably be undertaken by candidates entering this vocational area for the first time. Progression through Advanced Level will provide a
suitable basis for further study in related subjects in Higher Education as well as a valuable preparation for careers in any area of business.

The fundamental philosophy of this specification is that, in order to understand the nature of Applied Business, candidates must actively experience the business environment. This can be achieved through a variety of approaches, including work experience, links with local employers, case studies and research. Opportunities also exist to develop a practical approach

AS Applied Business is a natural transition for students who have either studied GCSE Business and Economics, or the new GCSE Business at Key Stage 4.

Units taught and who teaches them

  • Unit 1 - Investigating Business (Coursework) - Mr Rogers and Miss Jones
  • Unit 2 - People in Business (Coursework) - Mr Rogers and Miss Jones
  • Unit 3 - Financial Planning and Monitoring (External Test) - Mr Rogers and Miss Jones

Units taught and who teaches them

  • Unit 12 - Investigating Business (External Exam) - Mr Rogers and Miss Jones
  • Unit 10 - Marketing Proposal (Coursework) - Miss C Jones and Mr Rogers
  • Unit 8 - Business Planning (Coursework) - Miss C Jones and Mr Rogers

Where A Level Applied Business can take you

The qualification allows for a number of progression routes.

  • Higher Education: the Advanced awards provide a sound basis for progression to a range of HE courses, eg BA degrees in business subjects and HNDs.
  • Employment: the specification aims to maintain and support the recognised standards demanded for Applied Business education and training in order to meet the requirements of various business sectors.
  • Related qualifications in the National Qualifications Framework: the specification enables candidates to progress to other Applied Business related qualifications.