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In response to the question from a parent about Fast Tomato this has been investigated. Fast Tomato gives on-line careers guidance. They are doing a free trial for a month at the moment but after that there is a subscription of £5.50 per student or £275 for an organisation. Toot Hill has not subscribed to this website.

We have been assured that the website should not automatically hold any of our student details. If anyone would like to discuss this further please contact Fiona Farmer on 01949 863068.

Parents' Forum Meetings

This is an informal opportunity for parents to meet the senior leadership team and discuss any relevant issues pertaining to their child's education. The meeting will start with a presentation on career pathways and the enrichment program and this will be followed by a question and answer session. There will also be feedback on issues raised at the last meeting. If you would like to send a question in advance to enable relevant information to be collated please complete the form below.

Look forward to seeing you there,

Chris Jones (School Leader)

July 2021


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