School is currently closed except to registered critical worker / vulnerable students. Remote provision is available for all students from January 5th 2021.

Year 8 Curriculum

Autumn Term

Health, Wellbeing and Relationships

  • Relationships: Recognise the characteristics and positive aspects of healthy one-to-one intimate relationships.
  • Introduction to Sexuality and Consent: The concept and laws of sexual consent.
  • Introduction to Contraception: Know the full range of contraceptive choice, efficacy and how to seek further advice
  • Managing Change and Loss: Know how to seek support and support others
  • Alcohol and Drug Misuse and Managing Peer Influence: The facts about legal and illegal drugs and their associated risks

Spring Term

My Future

  • Options and Careers: Learn how to evaluate changing aspirations and know personal strengths, attributes and interests. Make links between skills, career paths and choosing GCSE options.

Keeping Safe and Happy

  • Online Safety, Digital Literacy and Safeguarding: Know the impacts of viewing harmful content online. The laws around sharing and viewing indecent images. Know how information and data is generated and is targeted.
  • Road Safety: How to be safe both as a pedestrian and as a passenger in a vehicle.
  • First Aid and Personal Safety: Know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including dental health. Understand the facts about immunisation and vaccinations. Know the treatments for common injuries.

Summer Term

Health, Wellbeing and Relationships

  • Mental Health and Body Image: Know how to talk about emotions accurately and sensitively. Know about common types of mental ill health. Understand the importance of physical exercise, time outdoors, community participation and voluntary activities on mental wellbeing and happiness.
  • Age and Disability Discrimination: Know how stereotypes bas on disability and age can cause damage
  • Racism and Religious Discrimination: Know how stereotypes bas on race and religion can cause damage. Know the legal rights and responsibilities regarding equality.

The World Around Me

  • Rights and Responsibilities to the Community: Understand the roles we each play in the different types of communities we are a part of
  • Crime: Know the laws about violence and exploitation by gangs. Understand safe and risky or unsafe social groups.
  • Refugees: Understand why people become refugees and the challenges they may face.
  • British Values and Politics: Understand what it means to be British and understand key facts about British politics