School is currently closed except to registered critical worker / vulnerable students. Remote provision is available for all students from January 5th 2021.

Year 7 Curriculum

Autumn Term

Keeping Safe and Happy

  • Introduction to Toot Hill: Transition to secondary school and talking about emotions accurately and sensitively
  • Managing Friendship: The characteristics of positive and healthy friendships

What do I stand for?

  • Diversity, Prejudice and Bullying: Different types of bullying, including cyberbullying. How stereotypes based on sex, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation can cause damage.
  • Exploring Family Life: The variety of types of committed, stable relationships.

Spring Term

Health, Wellbeing and Relationships

  • Diet, Exercise and Healthy Choices: The benefits and importance of physical exercise and time outdoors on mental wellbeing and happiness. How to maintain healthy eating and the links between poor diet and health risks
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Risks: Facts about the harms from drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco and other drugs.
  • Puberty, Unwanted Contact and FGM: Key facts about puberty and menstrual wellbeing. The concept and laws of forced marriage, honour-based violence and FGM
  • Body Image: The impact of unhealthy comparisons with others online and setting unrealistic expectations

Summer Term

Keeping Safe and Happy

  • Self-esteem, Romance and Friendships: Happiness is linked to being connected with other people
  • Online Safety and Safeguarding: Rights and opportunities online. What to do and where to get support to report material or manage issues online

My Future and My Scholarship

  • Challenging Career Stereotypes: How stereotypes based on sex and gender can cause damage
  • Financial Decision Making: Develop skills and attributes necessary for adult life