School is currently closed except to registered critical worker / vulnerable students. Remote provision is available for all students from January 5th 2021.

Year 9 Curriculum

Year 9 rotation Lessons

Health, Wellbeing and Relationships

  • Healthy Lifestyles: Learn strategies to achieve a balance between work, leisure and exercise. Understand what makes a healthy lifestyle.
  • Blood, Organ and Stem Cell Donation: Know the science relating to blood, organ and stem cell donation.
  • Pregnancy: Understanding the key facts about pregnancy and that choices available. Know the laws about abortion and the facts around reproductive health
  • Intimate Relationships: Understand that all aspects of health can be affected by the choices made in sex and relationships. Know there are a range of strategies for identifying and managing sexual pressure. Know the laws and concepts of harassment, rape and domestic abuse.
  • LGBT: Know about diversity in sexual orientations and attractions and how people face discrimination. Understand how to support someone who is facing discrimination and how to seek support.

Year 9 Drop down day

Students in Year 9 have one drop down day in the spring term supporting our students with keeping safe yourself safe and happy

  • Contraception and sexual health: This workshop is delivered by our local nurses and sexual health team
  • Homelessness: A local charity share their advice and experiences of homelessness, with guest speakers who have been homeless themselves
  • Grooming, online safety and unhealthy relationships (Pintsize Theatre Company): An interactive workshop by a local theatre company who use scenarios to demonstrate the concepts of grooming, online safety and unhealthy relationships through decision-making by our students.
  • Personal space: Nottinghamshire charity Equation work with our students to understand their personal space, healthy relationships and abuse.
  • Prison, A Reality: Students meet with two ex-prison officers who help students dispel false interpretations of prison and consider how making poor decisions will impact long term on themselves and their family
  • RAF/ Army/ Navy: Our visitors help students realise the variety of careers available in the military forces.
  • First Aid: Students learn life saving skills with completing a primary survey and the recovery position
  • LGBT: In this workshop students look at diversity and understand how people face discrimination