Year 7 Programme of Study

Curriculum maps- Year_7

Three periods of PE and Games per week - one single lesson (55mins) and one double lesson (1hour & 50mins).

During the year pupils will study units in a variety of activity areas of PE and Games for example:

  • Fitness, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Outdoor Adventurous Activities
  • Football, Hockey, Rugby, Netball, Handball, Badminton, Tennis, Rounders, Volleyball, Cricket

  • Fitness: The aim of this unit is to develop pupils' understanding of their own fitness and how improving their fitness impacts on their health. They will record and monitor their personal progress.
  • Gymnastics: Pupils will be taught to develop specific gymnastic techniques and to perform them consistently. They will be required to create, plan, perform and evaluate sequences on both the floor and using apparatus.
  • Dance: Pupils will be introduced to the main dance principles through both set dance and creative dance. They will plan, perform and evaluate their own work and that of their peers.
  • Swimming: Pupils will be taught to develop their technical proficiency in the three main strokes – front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. They will also be introduced to the basic rules of competitive swimming
  • Athletics: Pupils will be taught a range of running, jumping and throwing techniques and the competition rules governing each event.
  • ​Outdoor Adventurous Activities: ​The aim of this unit is to develop pupils' teamwork, problem solving and confidence through participating, planning and leading activities. Throughout the unit they will have the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively as part of groups.
  • Games: Pupils will experience generic games at the start of the year followed by a range of the major games. In the first two terms this will include football, hockey and rugby for boys with netball taking the place of rugby for girls. In the third term all pupils experience a selection of summer activities from tennis, rounders, volleyball and cricket. In each game pupils will be taught to develop their technical performance, tactical awareness and knowledge of the rules governing the game.

In all activities pupils' awareness of health, fitness and safety will be developed.

Curriculum Map - Year 7

July 2021


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