Component 03: Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport

Component 03: Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport

3.1 Sport and Society

3.2 Contemporary issues in physical activity and sport.

This component focuses on the sociological and contemporary issues that influence and affect physical activity and sport for both the audience and the performer and how sport affects society.

It includes the emergence and evolution of modern sport and how social and cultural factors shaped the characteristics of sports and pastimes in pre-industrial and post-industrial Britain.

The impact of the modern Olympic Games will be understood as well as the impact on society of hosting global sporting events. The ever-evolving modern technology and its influence on sport performers and spectators will be understood and practical examples will be used by learners to show the effect of modern technology.

In many areas of the specification, it is expected that practical examples from physical activities and sports will be used to show how theory can be applied and to reinforce understanding.


20th and 21st Century Sport

Olympics and Global Sporting Events

Pre and Post Industrial Britain

Global Sporting Events Practice Exam Questions

50 Day Y13 A Level PE Challenge

Ethics and Deviance in Sport

Routes in to Sporting Excellence

Commercialisation and Media

Modern Technology in Sport

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Y13 Content

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