Component 02: Psychological factors affecting performance

Component 02: Psychological factors affecting performance

  • 2.1 Skill acquisition
  • 2.2 Sports psychology

This component focuses on the psychological factors affecting physical activities and sports. This includes models and theories that affect learning and performance in physical activities, how different methods of training and feedback work and why their effectiveness differs from person to person. It also includes psychological factors affecting group dynamics and the effects of leadership and stress on performers.

Through the study of this component, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the underlying psychological factors that influence our performance in physical activity and sport. They will learn how to apply the theories to practical examples, giving guidance and feedback in constructive ways that are suited to that individual’s personality; therefore assisting in developing practical performance in physical activities and sports.

In many areas of the specification, it is expected that practical examples from physical activities and sports will be used to show how theory can be applied and to reinforce understanding.

August 2020


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