Component 01: Physiological factors affecting performance

Component 01: Physiological factors affecting performance

  • 1.1 Applied anatomy and physiology
  • 1.2 Exercise physiology
  • 1.3 Biomechanics

Component 01, Physiological factors affecting performance, focuses on developing the learner’s knowledge of the science behind physical activity. This includes the structure and function of key systems in the human body, the forces that act upon us and the adaptations we make to our bodies through diet and training regimes.

Through the study of this component, learners will gain a deeper understanding of key systems in the body and how they react to changes in diet and exercise. They will also study the effects of force and motion on the body and how these effects can be used in physical activities to our advantage.

In many areas of this specification, it is expected that practical examples from physical activities and sports will be used to show how theoretical concepts can be applied and to reinforce understanding.


July 2021


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