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Year 8 Curriculum

The year 8 curriculum has changed this year following feedback from the student voice in 2017. As a result, the curriculum boasts plenty of practical activities and encourages the students to work independently, taking responsibility for their own learning.

The following units of work are studied in Year 8 (one lesson per week):

  • Performing: Singing; Drum kit; Ukelele; Keyboard (at least two)
  • Composing opportunities: Pop songs; The Blues.

Unit Aims
  • Students begin the year with an interclass singing competition. Each class rehearses a song of their choosing. Their teacher facilitates the provision of either a live or karaoke accompaniment as well as assisting with creating harmonies where appropriate. Students' singing is videoed and assessed by themselves and their teacher based on criteria like intonation, ensemble and communication. The winning class is rewarded with a pizza lunch with the head of school, Mrs Paley.
Drum kit
  • Students are put through their paces learning a basic rock groove. Those who progress quickly have the opportunity to learn a Debut (pre - grade 1) or Grade 1 Rock School exam piece. Students with drumming experience are provided with a new graded piece appropriate to their ability level. Once students have mastered the co-ordination necessary to work independently they are encouraged to work in groups of 2 - 4 on the many drum kits around the department.
The Blues
  • Students discover The Blues through various performing, improvising and analytical listening tasks. Specific songs / artists studied include: B. B. King, Sweet Home Chicago and Paulo Nutini's Pencil Full of Lead.
​Pop Music
  • Students have the choice of exploring this topic through either a performance task, a composition task or a written project involving an analytical listening task.

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