Short homeworks are set regularly. These involve learning song lyrics for singing assessments and concerts and also learning music terminology related to the unit topic being covered. Key word homeworks are assessed in short tests at the start of lessons. When students are involved in performance tasks in class there will be less regularity in the homework set.


Year 9 and 10 (3 lesssons per week)

In year 9 and 10, two lessons per week are devoted to the completion of their two compositions: either a waltz or a blues piece in year 9 and their own choice of composition in year 10. This is a controlled assessment, done at school during the double lesson. Thus written homework or revision tasks on set works, which are generated in the single lesson once a week, will take place once every two or three weeks. Students are expected to practice their instruments on a regular basis.

Year 11 (3 lessons per week)

Please refer to Insight for weekly study tasks.

A Level

A timetable of essays and harmony homework is issued very term. Students have a hard copy. Download:

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