Gifted and Talented Policy

Toot Hill School Music Department is committed to meeting the educational needs of all its pupils by providing an environment which encourages them to maximise their potential and develop their talents and abilities to the full. We aim to promote high expectation, strong self-esteem and excellent achievement.

High expectations are held by both our classroom teachers and peripatetic staff. Students’ self- esteem is nurtured by the many individual and small group lessons that take place in the department.

Our extensive extra curricular programme allows opportunity for every student, regardless of their specific musical talent, to develop and extend themselves to the full. For our most able musicians our Folk Band and Big Band take regular bookings by the public and get a valuable experience adhering to the conduct and ethos of professional gigging musicians.

Successful concert performances, by well over 100 students at each of our bi-annual concerts, also play a big part in building confidence amongst our talented students. Musical productions are fundamental to confidence building, discovering hidden talent and extending our talented students. For example, the school’s 2018 production of Grease at the Newark Palace Theatre.

Our annual Jazz Day provides an opportunity for our Jazz instrumentalists to discover hidden talents under the leadership of Mr Farrell and Mr Lee. Our bi - annual Choir days, lead by Miss Prior, provide our singers with an opportunity to refine their skills in part singing songs in a wide variety of styles.

In January our Rock Musicians are encouraged to come forward and compete in a Battle of the Bands. They are also spend the summer term working towards their performance on the Glastonbury style stage at our annual T Fest.

The Year 7 Concert in October is a fabulous platform for our year 7's to shine early on in their secondary school career. In May year 7's and 8's have the opportunity to participate in our Toot Hill Ceiliedh Day with the festivities led by our very own Ceilidh Band.

The annual school music competition 'Rising Stars' gives our most talented students the opportunity to be recognised for their individual performance and composition skills, with several categories in 3 age groups, including a song writing category.

Students are encouraged to reach their full potential by being provided with the right amount of challenge in the classroom. Stretch and extend activities are provided for every topic at KS3 and GCSE and A level work is constantly scrutinised and revisited with a view to achieving the best possible grades in every area.

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