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We often get asked which calculator to get or which revision guide is most suitable - below are our current recommendations (but remember - other calculators/revision guides are available!). Follow the links for more information at the relevant websites.


All pupils would benefit by having their own scientific calculator. Although all scientific calculators are suitable, we recommend the following models that feature a 'Natural Textbook' display which makes them easier and more intuitive to use:

  • Casio FX85GT PLUS - suitable for KS3, GCSE and A level (More Info) - we currently have these available to buy from your Maths teacher at £7.00 each.
  • Casio FX83ES - suitable for KS3, GCSE and A level (More Info)
  • Casio FX85ES - as above but solar powered (More Info)
  • Casio FX991ES - this model is most useful for A level candidates as it is able to carry out numerical differentiation and integration (More Info)

Casio FX85GT PLUSCasio FX83ESCasio FX85ESCasio FX991ES

At A-Level, although not a requirement of the course, students may benefit from access to a Graphical Calculator. The Casio FX-9750GA PLUS (More Info) is a suitable model.

Revision Guides

Years 9, 10 and 11 (GCSE)

We recommend the Collins AQA GCSE Maths Higher/Foundation All-in-one Revision Guides, available in two versions according to tier of entry (ask your teacher if you are not sure what you need):

  • Foundation Revision Guide (ISBN: 978-0008112516)
  • Higher Revision Guide (ISBN: 978-0008112509)

These books are available from your Maths teacher throughout the year for £4.00.

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