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In the table below you will find the assessment timetable for your child's year group.

View this webpage for the key date information for when your son/daughter will sit internal assessments.

Year Group Assessment period 1 Assessment period 2
7 N/A
8 Exam Timetable (January 19) N/A
9 N/A
10 EMS Exam Timetable (February 19)
11 EMS Exam Timetable (October 18)
Full Suite Exam Timetable (November 18)
EMS Exam Timetable (February 19)
​Full Suite Exam Timetable (March 19)
12 Exam Timetable (November 18) N/A
13 Exam Timetable (November 18) Exam Timetable (March 19)

​Prep Homework Hall

Prep Hall is a quiet working place you can complete school work/homework with teacher support Monday (3pm-5pm) Tuesday-Thursday (from 4.15pm-5pm).

Revision materials

Each subject has carefully preparedrevision materials to support your child in their assessments. Click on each link for the relevant subject to find subject checklists, revision links and revision materials.

Click here for Revision tips and study skills

Keep Up Not Catch Up (KUNCU)

After each assessment, the data is analysed by teachers and if your child is identified as underachieving they might be invited to specific Extended Study sessions or given KUNCU work. KUNCU work is designed by teachers to enable pupils to re-enforce knowledge, practice and develop subject specific skills and crucial exam techniques. They can be found in the subject links below.

Subject links:

Mathematics English Science Languages Design & Technology Art & Design
History Geography Philosophy & Ethics ICT Music Physical Education
Drama Media Business Social Sciences PSHE & Citizenship

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