We are open to Y10/12 students for small group teaching on a rota basis from Monday 22nd June. We remain open to Key Worker and Vulnerable students.

Art & Design

On this page you will find revision materials for upcoming assessments and appropriate KUNCU materials.

GCSE & A-Level Art & Design

Year Group Miss N Gibbs Miss M Cassidy​ Mrs B Carter Mrs S Gray Miss C Leach
Year 13
Student guide
Year 12
Art Overview
Art 2018 Summer Project
Artist Analysis
Component 1 Annotation
Double Exposure
Experimental Drawing
Manual Photo
Types of Light
Mixing colours & paint
Layering Technique
Manual manipulation
Masking tool
Photoshop guide
Presentation guidance
Printing onto different surfaces
Summer task
Textured background
Transparent media
Artist Analysis
Creative Application of Stitch
Experimental Drawing
Intaglio & Etching
Paper Manipulation
Screen Printing
Surface Texture
Transparent Media
Applique and Reverse Applique
Cardboard Manipulation
Lino Cutting
Print Making
Tea Bag
Year 11
Project outline
11T Summer Homework
11T HT1 Lessons AO's
11T HT1 Lessons PPT's
Annotation sheet
11T HT2 PPT's​
11T Final Piece Planning
11T HT3 PPT's
Half term 2 work
Year 10
Project outline
10T HT1 Lesson PPT's
Annotation sheet
10 HT2 PPT's
10T Checklist
10T HT3 PPT's
Year 9
Project outline
9U HT1 PPT's
9U HT1 Homework
9U HT2 PPT's
9U HT3 PPT's

GCSE Textiles

Year Group Miss N Gibbs Miss M Cassidy​ Mrs B Carter Mrs S Gray Miss C Leach
Year 11 11U
Annotations drawing sheet
Art critic sheet
Artist comparison - How to
Summer project checklist
Design idea support sheet
GCSE annotation guide
Planner page
Yr11 checklist
Yr11 fashion project outline
Year 10 Textiles live feedback
Year 9

KS3 Art & Design

Year Group Term 1
Year 8 Critical Analysis
Year 7 Colour Revision Sheet

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