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Year 7 Curriculum

See the table below for an overview of the Year 7 curriculum:

Half Term Year 7
Introduction to Drama
Students will get to know their class mates, develop their basic acting skills, learn how to rehearse effectively as part of a group as well as develop their creativity and basic subject vocabulary.
Characterisation and The Christmas Nightmare!
Students will develop their characterisation skills, looking at physicality and vocal skills. They will then put on a short devised performance for their class on the topic 'The Christmas Nightmare!'.
Students will develop their understanding of script and how to bring a character to life. They will work with stage directions and explore how to use drama techniques and devices to create a mood and atmosphere on stage. students will perform a short scripted extract to the class.
Mime and Mask
Students will develop their miming skills, learning about 'clocking the audience', exaggeration and weight of movement. They will also learn how to work with full face masks and have some knowledge of Trestle Theatre Company. They will develop their creativity, improvisation and devising skills.
Modern Script: The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty
Students will improve their script working skills. They will also explore the social issues around fitting in and bullying as they unravel the fate of Terry Dumpton and the effect his death has on others around him. Skills such as hot-seating and creating naturalistic characters are developed.
Choreography and Stimulus
Students will spend a few weeks of the final term exploring the musical Little Shop of Horrors and create choreography. They will also have a go at devising their own performance based on a stimulus and using the skills they have learnt throughout the year.
Activities Week!
Star Struck!
Students explore various different musicals, have a go at singing, dancing and acting out moments from them. We also watch a couple of musicals, have a go at stage make-up and take a trip to London to see a show in the West End!

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