School is currently closed except to registered critical worker / vulnerable students. Remote provision is available for all students from January 5th 2021.


  • Wait outside the Drama block in an orderly line until you are invited inside
  • No eating, chewing or drinking inside the Drama block
  • Stack coats and bags neatly
  • Sit in a circle in register order at the start of every lesson
  • Listen carefully to the rules of any activity
  • Raise your hand and wait to be recognised before speaking
  • Respect all opinions and points of view
  • Take responsibility for your own actions
  • Always try to have fun

During your lesson

During your lesson you will:

At the start
  • know the learning aims
  • know how these will be achieved
  • understand what your teacher is looking for to enable you to get good marks
In the middle
  • be marked on your contribution to the lesson
At the end
  • discuss what you have learnt and how far you have progressed