Year 8 Curriculum

Design & Technology - Year 8 Rotation

In year 8 students will build on their skills and creativity within a range of Materials areas and Projects as part of a carousel. They will therefore rotate between the following projects over the course of a year.

In year 8 students will participate in a range of projects on a 9 weekly rotation.

  • Food
  • Pull Along Toy
  • Road Safety Light
  • Textiles Technology

The Projects - Year 8

Pull along Toy Examples of Work
Students produce a wooden toy based on a theme and design of their own choice that moves using mechanisms.
Food from around the world Examples of Work
In Year 8 we will begin by looking at the Eatwell Guide and how we should be using that in our food choices. We will investigate how people have different energy needs and how that affects their food intake. We will conduct an experiment into which types of flour bake the best cakes as well as cooking some gorgeous food from around the world.
Road Safety Light Examples of Work
Students complete an Electronic Product by soldering a Printed Circuit Board, Programming a Microcontroller and Vacuum Forming a High Impact Polystyrene Casing for their product. They can also decide what they want it to fix on to and how
​Textiles Technology Examples of Work
Info coming soon

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