Level 2 Sports Leadership

The Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership is a practical course that helps you to develop better organisation, motivation and communication skills, whilst also focusing on positive role models in sport, how to mentor others, and how to use leadership skills in a variety of settings.  It is a very useful qualification to hold if you plan to work with young people in the future, perhaps as a teacher, coach, social worker or health worker.

Lessons takes place on Wednesday afternoons.  Initially you’ll learn how to lead and teach groups of young children.  You’ll then spend time planning and evaluating the activities you will lead during the many primary school festivals that the PE Department host at Toot Hill School.  You need to accumulate 10 hours of experience working at these festivals.

There are 8 units which you must complete:

Unit Unit Title Guided Learning Hours
1 Plan, lead and evaluate a sport/activity session 21 hours
2 Developing leadership skills 3 hours
3 Lead activities that promote a healthy lifestyle* 5 hours
4 Making activity sessions inclusive 4 hours
5 Positive role models in sport 3 hours
6 Organise and deliver a sports event or competition 4 hours
7 Pathways in sport and recreation 3 hours
8 Using leadership skills 5 hours

The Sports Leadership Award is a valuable qualification to hold and one that will add significance to your university or employment application.  You’ll be viewed as somebody with leadership experience of young people.  Your willingness to volunteer your time for the benefit of others will also be noted.

For further information please contact: Mr Tinsley.

Web: www.sportsleaders.org/awardsqualifications/qualifications/level-2-award-in-sports-leadership/

Upcoming Events

  • 26/2/18 Start of Half Term 2
  • 26/2/18 - 2/3/18 Y12/13 Internal Assessments 2
  • 28/2/18 Y13 Scripted Performance Exam (Drama)
  • 1/3/18 - 9/3/18 Scholastic Book Fair (Learning Lounge)
  • 1/3/18 Photos for Sports, Music and Ambassadors
  • 14/3/18 Happy Pi Day! (Mathematics)
  • 15/3/18 BBC News Report Day 2018 (Media)
  • 22/3/18 Y10/12 Nottingham Theatre Trip (Drama)
  • 29/3/18 Y13 Drama Exam (Drama)
  • 29/3/18 End of Spring Term
  • 29/3/18 Interview Cycle ends for Sept 2018 entry
  • 30/3/18 Good Friday
  • 16/4/18 Start of Summer Term
  • 20/4/18 - 22/4/18 Y12 DoE Silver Practice
  • 24/4/18 Spring Concert (Music)
  • 25/4/18 - 28/4/18 Y12 DoE Gold Practice
  • 7/5/18 May Day
  • 7/5/18 - 11/5/18 Careers Week
  • 14/5/18 Start of GCSE/AS/A2 Exams
  • 15/5/18 - 17/5/18 Y12/13 Art & Textiles Exam (Art & Design)

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