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GCSE Fashion & Textiles

GCSE Fashion & Textiles offers an inspiring programme of study, which will challenge students to refine and develop practical textile skills, understanding properties of materials and creative thinking. Students will have 3 lessons per week over the duration of the three years and the course is made up of 60% coursework and 40% final exam.

Students will cover different projects per year, which will include a combination of research, recording/drawing, artist study, development and final pieces. The projects enable students to work within the parameters of a given topic and set of criteria but also to develop an individual style and/or direction. The main specialist techniques students will learn include Printed Textiles, Mixed Media, Expressive Stitch and Fashion design.

Students are assessed throughout the course to support and guide their development. They will receive a mixture of group critiques and individual tutorials/feedback. Students will be marked according to formal GCSE grades and effort levels:

  • 9
  • 8 - Fluent ability and exceptional work
  • 7 – Fluent ability and outstanding work
  • 6 – Confident ability and very good work
  • 5
  • 4 – Competent ability and good work
  • 3 – Basic ability and basic work
  • 2 – Limited ability and limited work

Please follow the link for more detail on the Edexcel specification at GCSE:

Year 9
  • Project: Specialist Textiles Techniques (Workshops in all of the key specialist areas)
Year 10
  • Project: All Things British
Year 11
  • Project 1: All Things British & Mock Exam
  • Project 2: Theme provided by the Exam Board
  • Final Exam and preparation

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