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Year 7 sweet drawings

Year 7 Paper Sculptures


Year 8 mixed media responses inspired by Teesha Moore.

Song Dong Biscuit City Sculptures

As part of their Sweet Treats project year 7 explored the structural possibilities of sculpture creation using unusual materials in response to the international Artist Song Dong. In groups pupils built city like structures recorded these and then reused the biscuits to create new and innovative designs exploring the limits and possibilities as well as developing team building and communication skills. 


Year 7 Inspired By Nature Homeworks 

These are some examples of the wonderful work created by Year 7 for Homework. Well done to Daniel McFerran, Edward Brown, Emily Hughes, Ethan NcDavid, Jade Insley, Jess Rimmington, Molly Prowse, Tom Martindale, Owen Leach and William Ward. 


KS3 Gifted and Talented Mixed Media Workshops

Well done to all those attended, some beautiful work produced.

Mrs Solly

Year 8 Art Exhibition 2014

Year 7 Paper Construction lesson

Year 8 Gifted and Talented Workshops 2014

Year 9- Specialist Techniques Project

Year 8 Gifted and Talented club run by Mrs Solly

Examples of Year 8 Class work and homework


March 2021


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