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  • Lounging with books Podcast

    Our first podcast talking about our lovely Learning Lounge, books, quizzes and Movie night...

    Click on the link below to listen to our first podcast:

    Posted 18/10/2018 by Learning Lounge

  • FQR favourites - October

    Short reads by fantastic authors...

    We have a huge selection of Fiction Quick Reads (FQR) in the LL. Here are three more of our favourites for October. Borrow and read them and comment about what you think about them...

    Follow the link below:

    Posted 16/10/2018 by Learning Lounge

  • Matt Dickinson Book Sale

    Buy the 'Everest Files' for only £5 and get it signed...

    On the 7th of November Matt Dickinson will be visiting Toot Hill School. Matt Dickinson is a Young Adult author who has written a wide variety of books. This year all of Year 7 were gifted a copy of his book 'The Everest Files'. Now we are giving the rest of the school the opportunity to buy his book and get it signed by Matt during his visit. We are selling the book for £5 which is £2 cheaper than its usual retail price!

    If you want a copy of 'The Everest Files' simply come to the LL with £5 to secure your book. To make sure you don't forget it on the day, we will keep the book in the ...

    Posted 04/10/2018 by Learning Lounge - Read more

  • New October Display - 2018

    Including Indigo Donut, Iguana Boy, Mary's Monster and more!

    New month, new books!

    All new solo books including 'Indigo Donut', 'We are young' and 'Ghost Boys'

    Books that follow on from your favourite series, introducing: 'Bear Gryll's:Strike of the Shark ', 'Marsh Road Mysteries: Dogs and Doctors'

    Brand new Manga: Sailor Moon

    Great new non-fiction books; learn something spectacular in 'Tales for boys who dare to be different' and 'What to draw and how to draw it'.

    Where will October's book display take you?

    Spotlight Books:

    We are young by Cat Clarke

    On the same night Evan's mother marries local radio DJ 'Breakfast Tim', Ev...

    Posted 02/10/2018 by Learning Lounge - Read more

  • Booktrust Challenge - October 2018

    Pax by Sara Pennypacker

    Every year the Learning Lounge gets gifted 5 sets of wonderful books which are considered modern classics.

    To celebrate these awesome novels we have created the Booktrust challenge. If you want to take part its simple:

    1. Pick up a Booktrust Challenge.

    2. Read the book and answer the 10 questions.

    3. If you are one of the first 6 to complete the challenge you will be rewarded with 25 credit points and an LL goody bag/ free book!

    The fifth and final Booktrust challenge (this year) to grace our shelves, is a book called 'Pax'. This book follows a young boy and his pet fox throu...

    Posted 02/10/2018 by Learning Lounge - Read more

  • Big Draw Halloween Competition

    We need artists to draw some spooky monsters!

    Throughout October, we are hosting a Big Draw competition in the Learning Lounge. Students have to draw something spooky, like a ghost, witch or even a monster of their own creation! There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! We will also be giving away some smaller prizes for those honourable mentions.


    • Please no entries on paper larger than A3
    • Colour them in!
    • 1 entry per person
    • No more entries will be accepted after the 19th of October.
    • Hand your entry in at the LL desk.

    All entries will be anonymous when they are displayed on our Halloween d...

    Posted 02/10/2018 by Learning Lounge - Read more

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