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  • Emma Pass visits the Learning Lounge

    Dystopian writing workshop success!

    Today we were lucky to have local author Emma Pass visit the Learning Lounge. Emma published two Young Adult books Acid and The Fearless. Both books feature Dystopian worlds. Our lucky students were taken through a writing workshop where they were able to invent new worlds. We had vampire unicorns, a world without wifi and many evil secret organisations.

    We were also incredibly lucky to have students from Newark Academy visit us and join in the workshop.

    Emma was then available to sign books and answer all the students' questions!

    The event was a huge success and I think all our ...

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  • Year 9 Survey

    Year 9 Survey

    If you are taking art and are in year 9 please fill out this short survey.

    Posted 21/11/2017 by Art & Design

  • World Kindness Day 2017

    Work Hard, Be Kind

    To celebrate World Kindness Day at Toot Hill School, The Learning Lounge let the students loose on their whiteboard. What started off as an empty board soon turned into a beautiful array of colourful drawings and kind words.

    Students were asked to write kind things to one another on the board.

    Here are some of our favourites:

    Be the brightest star in the sky

    Inner beauty is more important than looking good

    Take some time to compliment someone

    Thank you to all our wonderful students! The true embodiment of our motto: Work Hard, be Kind.

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  • Emma Pass Booksale!

    Buy an Emma Pass book from the LL and get it personally signed

    Emma Pass is a local author who has written two books; Acid and The Fearless. Emma will be visiting the Learning Lounge on Wednesday the 22nd of November. She will be hosting a science fiction writing workshop and then she will be available during the lower school lunch to answer all your questions.

    To celebrate Emma's amazing books we are selling them in the Learning Lounge at £7.99.

    If you buy one of her two books we will hold onto the copy until the 22nd of November. We will then make sure each purchased book is personally signed just for you. We will then hand out all the books on...

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  • STEM - Energy Quest Challenge was an interesting and fun morning for year 9.

    STEM experts visited year 9 students to get them thinking (& making), off timetable for a morning

    On Tuesday 7th November 60 year 9 students undertook "Energy Quest", a "Tomorrows Engineers" challenge delivered by STEM experts from out of school.

    The students got a great insight into what it means to be an Engineer and how vital the profession fill be in a future with an expanding population and energy demand. They got hands on during the workshop, making and testing electric cars which showed very clearly the importance of energy efficiency.

    They also got to hear from Dr Jalil who is a real life Engineer who is working on the ways in which video games and the Internet of Thing...

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  • Year 9 Energy Quest STEM Morning

    On Tuesday 7th November 60 year 9 students will have a hands on STEM Morning

    As part of the national Tomorrow's Engineers Week 60 year 9 students will be involved in the "Energy Quest" STEM morning with an external provider and STEM Ambassador delivering a hands-on session.

    Check back for soon for photos and info about how they got on.

    Those students who were successful in securing a place should already have received a letter confirming this.

    Any questions please see Mr Walters

    We're all really looking forward to it!

    Posted 03/11/2017 by STEM Pathways

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